Extra Credit

1. Your 3 *Favorite* Activities, and a few words about why they worked for you.
My favorite activities were:
Instagram – because I love Instagram and I think it’s a great way for people to be artists in their own way
3D Chair – it was a challenging project and I liked that it is such a cool thing to do. Once I get a nice design I will print it
SnapChat – I don’t like the activity as much as the idea of the activity I proposed (pick mine!)
2. Your 3 *Least Favorite* Activities, and a few words about why they didn’t work so much for you

Plaster Casting – I thought it was a cool project but I personally did not have enough time to really explore it and find a way to make something cool so I just ended up giving my hand cast to my mom (she loved it) It would have been cool if we had to paint and shape it well enough to make something after like a jewelry holder.
Automatic Drawing – I got the point of the project but it did not work too well for me partly because my boyfriend was not taking it super seriously.
Landscape with a Corpse – the idea of death freaks me out.
3. Your thoughts about Slack. Was it better than BeachBoard? Worth learning another platform? Helpful? Useful?

¬†I liked Slack except for the fact that it was hard to have to scroll up and down and I’d miss where the start of the new discussion would be. I think if there was a way to make those separate, that’d be cool.

4. Any other feedback on the *Art Talks,* the *Artist OTW,* or anything else about the course itself.
I loved this class. I think it was very interactive and fun and I learned a lot about many artists and the idea of art itself.

Plaster Casting

Week 2 in Art 110, out project was to experiment with a new activity; plaster casting. I have never done plaster casting before so it was a cool new experience.


At first I was afraid that it might be difficult to make the cast but it turned out to be easier than I expected it to be! Since I had never done this before I was glad that I went to the beach with my classmates and my professor so they could help and instruct me to know what to do. Here are a few pictures of me in the process of making my hand from plaster.


I had to dig a hole in order to put my hand in deep enough. Then we made sure to put enough water around the hand to ensure the hole stays intact. Then, I poured the plaster in the hole and waited for about 30 minutes before taking the plaster out of the sand.

I had a great time doing this project and I would love to do it again and be able to maybe even make different things besides a hand or a foot.


My name is Annie. I am a Business Marketing major. I am looking to go into Brand Management. I have completed a few internships so far and am starting another intern position in Field Marketing over the summer. Besides my drive to discover a career I love and can excel in I love to explore places surrounding me. I have travelled to Europe as well as around the area. I also love to express myself through dance. Although, I no longer take classes or perform, I love to dance for fun any chance I get.