Andy Warhol – Artist of the Week

Andy Warhol is a very important artist and is famous for his pop art. His art was focused on celebrities and found ways to incorporate them in his art. He was able to make a lot of art pieces very quickly and that led people to think that he is lazy and has no passion for his art. Despite that, he has been very successful and people have been buying his art for a great amount of money.

One of Andy Warhol’s most famous and recognized art pieces is Campbell’s Soup Company. It was meant to send a message about mass production. I find it very interesting and increasing the message when I found out that he paints the replicas and there are 32 different versions. To me that shows that even though in mass production no two things can be exactly the same.

Andy Warhol seems to me like a great artist as well as a smart businessman. Not only was he able to create pieces that are fairly quick to produce, he was able to have them be bought for a ton of money. I am not sure if I completely disagree with his critics since he did produce a lot of art very quickly but I find that fact alone to be very impressive.


Death Project

This was an interesting project. I have never really thought about pretending to be dead as an art project. But when I think about it, there could be some beauty and a sense of peace. I personally would love to die in the middle of the night out of no where with no pain at the same time as my husband at the time. That would be ideal. But of course that is not likely to happen. Either way I would love to die looking fabulous even though it wouldn’t really matter much at that point, at least to me. I asked my sister to take the pictures for me and she started making up all these crazy scenarios and what not and I just thought that i really did not want to think about my death. it is something that definitely scares me.

I thought about detective movies and how the death of people from location to cause can make up a story, which sadly is almost never a nice one in those shows but it is incredible. When you go in a museum and see mummies, those mummies tell a story. The way you choose to be remembered after can lead to you being in a museum one day. It is fascinating and terrifying at the sometime. I am not sure if that is real but I recently heard about people making their ashes into a diamond type rock and putting it in a ring. As creepy and weird as that is I think it would be kind of cool to be remembered with something beautiful. The thought of instead of a cemetery, a jewelry box that is opened only to pay your respects to people in your family seems beautiful to me. And it might be kind of weird and gross and creepy but anything related to death could make you feel that way.

Aaron Swartz – Artist of the Week

Aaron H. Swartz was born on November 8, 1986. He was an entrepreneur and a computer programmer and he used his skills to express his political views. He did research at Harvard University on Institution Corruption. He started an online group called ”Demand Progress”. He got arrested for breaking and entering charges. That happened because he installed a computer to download academic journal articles from JSTOR in the Institute closet. He got in trouble for wire fraud and the penalty was $1 million and 35 years in prison.


Swartz killed himself at his apartment. He had an opportunity to take a plea bargain where hehe would have served 6 months in prison. He was so proud of his work that he refused to admit that what he did was wrong. As Glenn mentioned, he did not actually do anything wrong in the first place.

I find that what he did was very brave and it’s really awesome that he believed in what he was doing. I applaud him for seeing something that is wrong and trying to fix it. It is of course unfortunate  that he ended up taking his life.

I think that regardless of his bravery he is not an artist. He does something he believes in to send a message but it is not art. I get the point that was made about how Monet was seen as radical and his art was questioned at his time but is now widely accepted and praised. Yet, what Swartz was doing was radical in a different way. He wasn’t creating an art piece no one has ever done before, he was bordering illegal activity. He wasn’t just creating art that some people did not understand. He actually made people nervous for exposing secrets.


IMG_8547I did not know IMG_8551geocaching was an actual thing. It is a really cool way to bring a community together. For my geocache I took a little container that broke off from my mom’s spice wall. I filled it with a few random things and hid it in a tree. It was difficult to find a spot to put it but I finally decided to hide it in a tree.

I was excited to go look for one of the geocaches there were only two in my area so I chose one and when I went there it was in a pretty spot. It took awhile to find it because the instructions were not very clear. I had to look at the reviews to figure out where it was. It is really cool that I got to see how many people have seen this.

IMG_8545 IMG_8546

IMG_8543IMG_8544 IMG_8552It’s incredible to see how a community is being brought together through this. I definitely want to continue looking for geocaches. I really want to find ones that have bigger trading items and are harder to find. I think that is so awesome.

Vanessa Blaylock – Artist of the Week

Vanessa Blaylock was born on 25 of April, 1969 in Washington, DC. She, like a few other artists we’ve observed so far, utilizes the virtuality for her art pieces. She creates avatars to send messages to the world. She focuses a lot of her messages on identity and how the virtual world affects reality.


One of her works ”All Avatar are equal, but some are more equal” was created to look like an avatar pride parade. It is an interesting art piece because avatars start out looking exactly the same. As you start to personalize the avatar it changes its look color, gender but it started out looking the same.

“Project Secret Identity”, is another example of her art. She wanted to show that privacy online is a right. The picture below shows what the art piece looks like. They had a few campuses where this will take place one of which is CSULB.

I find the avatar type of art to be interesting. As technology keeps evolving it is inevitable that new types of art will come up. It is great because it makes it easier for different types of people to reach art. It is not my favorite type of art because as a whole that type of virtual world is not something I really like.

Artist of the Week – Joseph DeLappe

DeLappe is a artist that utilizes  digital media to create his pieces and send messages. Gandhi March of 1930. It was a piece to protest the taxation of salt. He had a treadmill to be used instead of a controller in the video game Second Life and he made a figure of Gandhi walk the same journey he walked in real life. This sent a message about social independence. Through his piece he was sending the same message as Ganhdi did that violence does not help a situation.


Another example of a piece is when he signed up for a game America’s Army. He would list the names of soldiers who fought and died in the Iraq war during the game. A lot of players responded in different ways to this. Some were intrigued and thought more about it and some were angry that their game was ruined. I think that the angry ones just felt uncomfortable because their killing as a game was now more real.

DeLape did another project with 1000 origami cranes which represent peace. He took the idea of origami and applied it to drones. people folded paper drones and wrote the names of  casualties from drones in reality.



This week’s activity was interesting because I not only had a new experience but I had to share it with someone else. I decided to share this activity experience with my boyfriend, David. We set up the paper and sat down. When I first read the instructions for the assignment I did not think that I would laugh but my boyfriend wasn’t taking it seriously so it became harder not to laugh.

At first it was hard to imagine how to get the pencil moving and then we started trying to take deep breaths in in order to move the pencil.Once it started we still had some laughs so the curves are what happened as a result from the laughter.

I liked this activity because it was like a team work type of challenege I got to experience with my boyfriend.

FullSizeRender photo

Museum Visit

IMG_8340I visited the legion of honor museum. Not only is it a great museum filled with a lot  of incredible art, but it is a beautiful museum on the outside.


The two pieces of art I chose were from Monet. the painting of the lilies from his garden is one of a few. He loved painting his garden. The second painting I chose is Monet’s painting of Venice.


I liked both of these paintings because they of the same impressionist style but they are of completely different things. It is hard to see in the pictures but in real life the lilies is a huge painting and Venice is smaller. It’s interesting that he chose to paint flowers in such a big proportion. Also, in real life the lilies are much more textured. They almost seem to be coming out of the painting. They are also way brighter than the Venice painting. On the other hand, they both have a sense of depth perception.

When I look at the lilies painting, the upper right corner seems to be a reflection of the sun and the bright colors make me think of a sunny spring day at a garden. The Venice painting brings more personal memories of me being in Venice.

Eva and Franco Mattes – Artists of the Week

Eva and Franco Mattes use the web and media to create their art work. Their work has been seen as very controversial and sometimes almost illegal. Their pieces have a lot to do with power structures and exploring the technological world.

A recent exhibition of theirs had multimedia performances, which challenged social media’s ideas of privacy. They displayed 10,000 stolen photographs. They found a faulty file that allowed them to access random people’s personal photos. They had a slideshow of shirtless guys and girls doing the duck face. That is just an example of the many buzz stirring art works they did.

Very often they have been criticized and their artist skills have been questioned because they take part of their art works from others. In my opinion that is fine because their isn’t anything truly original. Everything is inspired by other’s work and changed around from different people.

Snapchat Assignment

I don’t use Snapchat too much. I like to live in the moment and I find that Snapchatting takes away from it. That being said I do like to put stuff mostly on my story just so I can show my friends what fun adventures I go on.

For the Snapchat assignment for next fall I came up with an idea and since it is somewhat complex I will try to explain it the best way possible. I think that each person should be partnered up (if an odd number then one partners with the teacher). For the purpose of easier explanation let’s call them partners 1 and 2. So on a certain day, just like in the Instagram assignment, each partner will go through their day and Snapchat what they are doing (the more descriptive the better).

Afterwards partner 1 will write a description of his/her day as well as partner 2’s day. She will exchange the description of partner 2’s day for the description partner 2 wrote about her day. Once partner 1 has her description of her day and her partner’s description of her day, she will make a post putting both descriptions of her own day and an analysis.

The purpose would be to see how what she perceives to have happened during the day differs from what others think when they see your snapchats.

I think that would be a cool way of really figuring out what other people think of you just through Snapchat, which is the main reason why people post on the app in the first place.