Death Project

This was an interesting project. I have never really thought about pretending to be dead as an art project. But when I think about it, there could be some beauty and a sense of peace. I personally would love to die in the middle of the night out of no where with no pain at the same time as my husband at the time. That would be ideal. But of course that is not likely to happen. Either way I would love to die looking fabulous even though it wouldn’t really matter much at that point, at least to me. I asked my sister to take the pictures for me and she started making up all these crazy scenarios and what not and I just thought that i really did not want to think about my death. it is something that definitely scares me.

I thought about detective movies and how the death of people from location to cause can make up a story, which sadly is almost never a nice one in those shows but it is incredible. When you go in a museum and see mummies, those mummies tell a story. The way you choose to be remembered after can lead to you being in a museum one day. It is fascinating and terrifying at the sometime. I am not sure if that is real but I recently heard about people making their ashes into a diamond type rock and putting it in a ring. As creepy and weird as that is I think it would be kind of cool to be remembered with something beautiful. The thought of instead of a cemetery, a jewelry box that is opened only to pay your respects to people in your family seems beautiful to me. And it might be kind of weird and gross and creepy but anything related to death could make you feel that way.



IMG_8547I did not know IMG_8551geocaching was an actual thing. It is a really cool way to bring a community together. For my geocache I took a little container that broke off from my mom’s spice wall. I filled it with a few random things and hid it in a tree. It was difficult to find a spot to put it but I finally decided to hide it in a tree.

I was excited to go look for one of the geocaches there were only two in my area so I chose one and when I went there it was in a pretty spot. It took awhile to find it because the instructions were not very clear. I had to look at the reviews to figure out where it was. It is really cool that I got to see how many people have seen this.

IMG_8545 IMG_8546

IMG_8543IMG_8544 IMG_8552It’s incredible to see how a community is being brought together through this. I definitely want to continue looking for geocaches. I really want to find ones that have bigger trading items and are harder to find. I think that is so awesome.


This week’s activity was interesting because I not only had a new experience but I had to share it with someone else. I decided to share this activity experience with my boyfriend, David. We set up the paper and sat down. When I first read the instructions for the assignment I did not think that I would laugh but my boyfriend wasn’t taking it seriously so it became harder not to laugh.

At first it was hard to imagine how to get the pencil moving and then we started trying to take deep breaths in in order to move the pencil.Once it started we still had some laughs so the curves are what happened as a result from the laughter.

I liked this activity because it was like a team work type of challenege I got to experience with my boyfriend.

FullSizeRender photo

Museum Visit

IMG_8340I visited the legion of honor museum. Not only is it a great museum filled with a lot  of incredible art, but it is a beautiful museum on the outside.


The two pieces of art I chose were from Monet. the painting of the lilies from his garden is one of a few. He loved painting his garden. The second painting I chose is Monet’s painting of Venice.


I liked both of these paintings because they of the same impressionist style but they are of completely different things. It is hard to see in the pictures but in real life the lilies is a huge painting and Venice is smaller. It’s interesting that he chose to paint flowers in such a big proportion. Also, in real life the lilies are much more textured. They almost seem to be coming out of the painting. They are also way brighter than the Venice painting. On the other hand, they both have a sense of depth perception.

When I look at the lilies painting, the upper right corner seems to be a reflection of the sun and the bright colors make me think of a sunny spring day at a garden. The Venice painting brings more personal memories of me being in Venice.

Snapchat Assignment

I don’t use Snapchat too much. I like to live in the moment and I find that Snapchatting takes away from it. That being said I do like to put stuff mostly on my story just so I can show my friends what fun adventures I go on.

For the Snapchat assignment for next fall I came up with an idea and since it is somewhat complex I will try to explain it the best way possible. I think that each person should be partnered up (if an odd number then one partners with the teacher). For the purpose of easier explanation let’s call them partners 1 and 2. So on a certain day, just like in the Instagram assignment, each partner will go through their day and Snapchat what they are doing (the more descriptive the better).

Afterwards partner 1 will write a description of his/her day as well as partner 2’s day. She will exchange the description of partner 2’s day for the description partner 2 wrote about her day. Once partner 1 has her description of her day and her partner’s description of her day, she will make a post putting both descriptions of her own day and an analysis.

The purpose would be to see how what she perceives to have happened during the day differs from what others think when they see your snapchats.

I think that would be a cool way of really figuring out what other people think of you just through Snapchat, which is the main reason why people post on the app in the first place.

Total Makeover – Neighborhood Edition

For my architecture project I decided to used the area around my internship. I labeled my work building and the places where you can get food (the company I work for provides lunch and drinks all day). I was a little nervous before I started mapping it out on SketchUp because I wasn’t sure how it will turn out but luckily it was not as hard as I expected.
BlockThe change I want to see is that I want more places to get food and hang out outside of the company. It would be cool to have more opportunities to go and relax after work with co-workers or even go out for lunch since the food isn’t always what I would like to eat. That way there will be more to do than just stay in the building all day and I think it would be nice to get a chance to go outside for a little everyday.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-03-at-9.36.53-AMAlso, there is only one crosswalk so far and it is close to the Starbucks so if we add more places to eat and drink then we would have to add more crosswalks. All these ideas aside, I understand that it is smarter for a company to keep their employees in the building so they can work more but since I am stuck in a desk most of the day it would be nice to get to walk outside from time it time.

Spray Painting

This  week’s project was spray painting. I was excited to do it but I wish I was able to do it on an actual wall instead of paper. I bought a huge roll of thick paper and I was planning on putting it up on the wall to pretend that I am spray painting the wall but I was stopped by my mother who insisted that I do it on the floor in the backyard.

When choosing the spray paint I found out that this particular brand can also be used on flowers. I am definitely going to take advantage and use up the rest of the spray paint. Spray painting flowers can become an interesting part of a project.


I outlined the letters but was surprised that it was still pretty difficult. My hand wasn’t that steady so the letters look a bit crooked. I think graffiti artists are very talented and even though it is not really my style I would love to find a way to use the spray paint on a project that would fit my style.


3D Chair

I was very excited about this project. I’ve played with Photoshop and done a Web Design class so I have definitely had my fair share of digital design. I have never done anything it 3D though. It was exciting yet challenging trying to work with a program I’ve never seen before. I used SketchUp but I wish I looked into other programs. The free version I used was not very full of options. I got to play around with the tools and started creating a chair based on one I saw.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.36.20 PM

Then I restarted the project and made up my own chair. Once I had tried out a few of the tools it became easier to play around with it. Even though it became easier I still could not figure out a lot of it. I tried different things to improve my chair but it was hard to figure out how to do certain things.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.48.22 PM

I wish I was capable of creating a more complex chair and I know that in the future I will try to work on projects with this or another software because I find 3D design to be challenging and fascinating. I can’t wait for when I can use the program to create something worthy or being printed out. As happy as I am that I created this chair, there is so much more I can do to improve it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.09.01 PM

I was excited to find the feature where you can add already created objects to yours. I found this pillow and I figured adding it would help the chair look a little more realistic.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.40.52 PM

Overall I was really glad that I got to experience using such a program and I will definitely work more on it. I would love to come back to the blog and post my progress when I become better at it.

Insta Project

It is very interesting to see what everyone’s days looked like. The differences and familiarities were very interesting.


I was curious to see if what some people find an important part of their day was also an important part for others. For example, I assumed a lot of people will post pictures of their food because it is an important part of the day. On top of that food is also a common subject of instagram pictures. Even though, there were pictures of food, there were not as many as I would have imagined. The most interesting part was that every picture of food was a different type and it is crazy how trying out a new style of cuisine can actually be another person’s regular meal. Further more, it is not just different in different countries but even in the house next to you.


Another thing I was curious to see was how many selfies there will be. I was surprised that some people literally posted pictures of themselves without a real reason. Others posted pictures with their friends or family or even their pets.


It was also cool to see that while I was watching the NBA Playoffs, other people were watching the game as well. It’s such a crazy concept that everyone experiences different things throughout the day. We all have different plans and duties but once in a while people come together to do the same thing.