Andy Warhol – Artist of the Week

Andy Warhol is a very important artist and is famous for his pop art. His art was focused on celebrities and found ways to incorporate them in his art. He was able to make a lot of art pieces very quickly and that led people to think that he is lazy and has no passion for his art. Despite that, he has been very successful and people have been buying his art for a great amount of money.

One of Andy Warhol’s most famous and recognized art pieces is Campbell’s Soup Company. It was meant to send a message about mass production. I find it very interesting and increasing the message when I found out that he paints the replicas and there are 32 different versions. To me that shows that even though in mass production no two things can be exactly the same.

Andy Warhol seems to me like a great artist as well as a smart businessman. Not only was he able to create pieces that are fairly quick to produce, he was able to have them be bought for a ton of money. I am not sure if I completely disagree with his critics since he did produce a lot of art very quickly but I find that fact alone to be very impressive.


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