Death Project

This was an interesting project. I have never really thought about pretending to be dead as an art project. But when I think about it, there could be some beauty and a sense of peace. I personally would love to die in the middle of the night out of no where with no pain at the same time as my husband at the time. That would be ideal. But of course that is not likely to happen. Either way I would love to die looking fabulous even though it wouldn’t really matter much at that point, at least to me. I asked my sister to take the pictures for me and she started making up all these crazy scenarios and what not and I just thought that i really did not want to think about my death. it is something that definitely scares me.

I thought about detective movies and how the death of people from location to cause can make up a story, which sadly is almost never a nice one in those shows but it is incredible. When you go in a museum and see mummies, those mummies tell a story. The way you choose to be remembered after can lead to you being in a museum one day. It is fascinating and terrifying at the sometime. I am not sure if that is real but I recently heard about people making their ashes into a diamond type rock and putting it in a ring. As creepy and weird as that is I think it would be kind of cool to be remembered with something beautiful. The thought of instead of a cemetery, a jewelry box that is opened only to pay your respects to people in your family seems beautiful to me. And it might be kind of weird and gross and creepy but anything related to death could make you feel that way.


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