IMG_8547I did not know IMG_8551geocaching was an actual thing. It is a really cool way to bring a community together. For my geocache I took a little container that broke off from my mom’s spice wall. I filled it with a few random things and hid it in a tree. It was difficult to find a spot to put it but I finally decided to hide it in a tree.

I was excited to go look for one of the geocaches there were only two in my area so I chose one and when I went there it was in a pretty spot. It took awhile to find it because the instructions were not very clear. I had to look at the reviews to figure out where it was. It is really cool that I got to see how many people have seen this.

IMG_8545 IMG_8546

IMG_8543IMG_8544 IMG_8552It’s incredible to see how a community is being brought together through this. I definitely want to continue looking for geocaches. I really want to find ones that have bigger trading items and are harder to find. I think that is so awesome.


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