Vanessa Blaylock – Artist of the Week

Vanessa Blaylock was born on 25 of April, 1969 in Washington, DC. She, like a few other artists we’ve observed so far, utilizes the virtuality for her art pieces. She creates avatars to send messages to the world. She focuses a lot of her messages on identity and how the virtual world affects reality.


One of her works ”All Avatar are equal, but some are more equal” was created to look like an avatar pride parade. It is an interesting art piece because avatars start out looking exactly the same. As you start to personalize the avatar it changes its look color, gender but it started out looking the same.

“Project Secret Identity”, is another example of her art. She wanted to show that privacy online is a right. The picture below shows what the art piece looks like. They had a few campuses where this will take place one of which is CSULB.

I find the avatar type of art to be interesting. As technology keeps evolving it is inevitable that new types of art will come up. It is great because it makes it easier for different types of people to reach art. It is not my favorite type of art because as a whole that type of virtual world is not something I really like.


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