Artist of the Week – Joseph DeLappe

DeLappe is a artist that utilizes  digital media to create his pieces and send messages. Gandhi March of 1930. It was a piece to protest the taxation of salt. He had a treadmill to be used instead of a controller in the video game Second Life and he made a figure of Gandhi walk the same journey he walked in real life. This sent a message about social independence. Through his piece he was sending the same message as Ganhdi did that violence does not help a situation.


Another example of a piece is when he signed up for a game America’s Army. He would list the names of soldiers who fought and died in the Iraq war during the game. A lot of players responded in different ways to this. Some were intrigued and thought more about it and some were angry that their game was ruined. I think that the angry ones just felt uncomfortable because their killing as a game was now more real.

DeLape did another project with 1000 origami cranes which represent peace. He took the idea of origami and applied it to drones. people folded paper drones and wrote the names of  casualties from drones in reality.



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