Museum Visit

IMG_8340I visited the legion of honor museum. Not only is it a great museum filled with a lot  of incredible art, but it is a beautiful museum on the outside.


The two pieces of art I chose were from Monet. the painting of the lilies from his garden is one of a few. He loved painting his garden. The second painting I chose is Monet’s painting of Venice.


I liked both of these paintings because they of the same impressionist style but they are of completely different things. It is hard to see in the pictures but in real life the lilies is a huge painting and Venice is smaller. It’s interesting that he chose to paint flowers in such a big proportion. Also, in real life the lilies are much more textured. They almost seem to be coming out of the painting. They are also way brighter than the Venice painting. On the other hand, they both have a sense of depth perception.

When I look at the lilies painting, the upper right corner seems to be a reflection of the sun and the bright colors make me think of a sunny spring day at a garden. The Venice painting brings more personal memories of me being in Venice.


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