Snapchat Assignment

I don’t use Snapchat too much. I like to live in the moment and I find that Snapchatting takes away from it. That being said I do like to put stuff mostly on my story just so I can show my friends what fun adventures I go on.

For the Snapchat assignment for next fall I came up with an idea and since it is somewhat complex I will try to explain it the best way possible. I think that each person should be partnered up (if an odd number then one partners with the teacher). For the purpose of easier explanation let’s call them partners 1 and 2. So on a certain day, just like in the Instagram assignment, each partner will go through their day and Snapchat what they are doing (the more descriptive the better).

Afterwards partner 1 will write a description of his/her day as well as partner 2’s day. She will exchange the description of partner 2’s day for the description partner 2 wrote about her day. Once partner 1 has her description of her day and her partner’s description of her day, she will make a post putting both descriptions of her own day and an analysis.

The purpose would be to see how what she perceives to have happened during the day differs from what others think when they see your snapchats.

I think that would be a cool way of really figuring out what other people think of you just through Snapchat, which is the main reason why people post on the app in the first place.


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