Janet Cardiff – Artist of the Week

Janet Cardiff works with a variety of media such as video, sound and audio. She is internationally known for her art tour walks. The way they work is the people follow her directions around a specific location.


The audio she prerecords is not just her voice but sound effects are added to help with the mood. The walk is not just a guidance through a certain area but an experience of its own. Cardiff’s art has similar themes such as displacement desire and mystery.

The Dark Pool is an example of series of works. It consisted of a room that was dim and had speakers placed throughout it. There were different ancient objects throughout the room as well. Different audios of stories would play.

I love how original her art is. Instead of doing something that everyone else is, she found a way to mix technology and art and create a different type of experience. Not only is it a completely different type of art work but she also found a way to incorporate sounds her voice and videos among other things to create a whole experience. Her work creates a combination of reality and fantasy.


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