Total Makeover – Neighborhood Edition

For my architecture project I decided to used the area around my internship. I labeled my work building and the places where you can get food (the company I work for provides lunch and drinks all day). I was a little nervous before I started mapping it out on SketchUp because I wasn’t sure how it will turn out but luckily it was not as hard as I expected.
BlockThe change I want to see is that I want more places to get food and hang out outside of the company. It would be cool to have more opportunities to go and relax after work with co-workers or even go out for lunch since the food isn’t always what I would like to eat. That way there will be more to do than just stay in the building all day and I think it would be nice to get a chance to go outside for a little everyday.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-03-at-9.36.53-AMAlso, there is only one crosswalk so far and it is close to the Starbucks so if we add more places to eat and drink then we would have to add more crosswalks. All these ideas aside, I understand that it is smarter for a company to keep their employees in the building so they can work more but since I am stuck in a desk most of the day it would be nice to get to walk outside from time it time.


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