Artist of the Week – Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee (Lee Seung-Hee) was born in 1970. Her style of art is a mix of photography and performance. She pushed limits and boundaries when it comes to group identities.

She moved to New York from Korea and started working for fashion photographer David LaChapelle. In 1999, she decided to move away from the fashion photography aspect and start her own art. She got a lot of recognition for her work from her first exhibition in New York.

Her Projects series are what sheis most known for and what we focused on in our discussion. In this series she focused on minorities and small social groups. She would dress up and act the way the social group she chose does and her transformation will be captured with a camera by a random person.

I really like this photo for two reasons. I used to skateboard and I think it is great that she included an activity that is seen as mostly guys’ thing in her project. Also, I like it because even though she is the artist and the photo is about her project, she is not the center of what is captured in the picture. She is just watching that guy do his trick and waiting her turn.


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