Spray Painting

This  week’s project was spray painting. I was excited to do it but I wish I was able to do it on an actual wall instead of paper. I bought a huge roll of thick paper and I was planning on putting it up on the wall to pretend that I am spray painting the wall but I was stopped by my mother who insisted that I do it on the floor in the backyard.

When choosing the spray paint I found out that this particular brand can also be used on flowers. I am definitely going to take advantage and use up the rest of the spray paint. Spray painting flowers can become an interesting part of a project.


I outlined the letters but was surprised that it was still pretty difficult. My hand wasn’t that steady so the letters look a bit crooked. I think graffiti artists are very talented and even though it is not really my style I would love to find a way to use the spray paint on a project that would fit my style.



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