Think Outside the Box – Joseph Cornell

This week’s artist of the week is Joseph Cornell. He had a very unique way of expression. Instead of using a canvas to pain or making sculptures, his most famous pieces of art the boxes he used to put different objects in. He never went to school for art he has definitely proved himself as a respective artist. He uses everyday objects but they are not random cheap things he just finds laying around. He finds special things and groups them together to evoke different feelings and memories in people.

One of the pieces of art that I found interesting is the “Blue Sand Fountain.” I found the message he seemed to convey with it very fascinating. It attempts to show a frozen moment in time. The fact that the hourglass is broken to me represents his idea of people’s perception of time to be broken. The best part is that there could be many different interpretations.

Cornell used so many different objects from around the world so it was a surprise to me that he has not travelled that much. Even more, it was amazing how he could bring all these random objects he found in thrifts stores and make stories out of them. The fact that he hadn’t travelled made it interesting that this piece called “Pharmacy” used substances and objects from all around the world to possibly illustrate how different parts of the world have different ways and beliefs of healing.

This piece of art is my favorite. I like how he used the book as a box. It begs the question, why this book was so important to him. I also wonder if the subject of the book is part of the message or if the book in general is a symbol. To me the objects in the book represent aspects of his family and life all together. In a way the book was like a autobiography.


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