Insta Project

It is very interesting to see what everyone’s days looked like. The differences and familiarities were very interesting.


I was curious to see if what some people find an important part of their day was also an important part for others. For example, I assumed a lot of people will post pictures of their food because it is an important part of the day. On top of that food is also a common subject of instagram pictures. Even though, there were pictures of food, there were not as many as I would have imagined. The most interesting part was that every picture of food was a different type and it is crazy how trying out a new style of cuisine can actually be another person’s regular meal. Further more, it is not just different in different countries but even in the house next to you.


Another thing I was curious to see was how many selfies there will be. I was surprised that some people literally posted pictures of themselves without a real reason. Others posted pictures with their friends or family or even their pets.


It was also cool to see that while I was watching the NBA Playoffs, other people were watching the game as well. It’s such a crazy concept that everyone experiences different things throughout the day. We all have different plans and duties but once in a while people come together to do the same thing.


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