Plaster Casting

Week 2 in Art 110, out project was to experiment with a new activity; plaster casting. I have never done plaster casting before so it was a cool new experience.


At first I was afraid that it might be difficult to make the cast but it turned out to be easier than I expected it to be! Since I had never done this before I was glad that I went to the beach with my classmates and my professor so they could help and instruct me to know what to do. Here are a few pictures of me in the process of making my hand from plaster.


I had to dig a hole in order to put my hand in deep enough. Then we made sure to put enough water around the hand to ensure the hole stays intact. Then, I poured the plaster in the hole and waited for about 30 minutes before taking the plaster out of the sand.

I had a great time doing this project and I would love to do it again and be able to maybe even make different things besides a hand or a foot.


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