Artist of the Week – Ana Mendieta

The Cuban American artist, Ana Mendieta is a sculptor and performance artist. She has done a lot of artwork involved with earth and nature. Her work focused on themes such as death, life and feminism. Her focus on nature brings up the connections between the spirituality of earth and the purity of the human body. It seems clear that she values those thins greatly when we see her art work. Her work involves different aspects of the earth such as mud and grass. Her canvas is mostly her own body.

Even though, Mendieta creates art work that tends to be considered as creepy, she brings up a lot of feminist and violence themes which have created a lot of questions and made people really think about these topics.

Her feminism points can be seen in this series where she put facial hair on herself. That is one of the many different away she had brought feminism and women’s roles to topic of discussion. She has done many more outrageous and noteworthy forms of art in order to bring that topic to people’s attention.


Another example, is part of her big series Siluetas. In this art work she uses her body as the canvas and incorporates flowers and the setting as part of nature. To me the flowers signify life with their sprouting. Not only life but the connection nature’s life has with humans. Another aspect of this art work is that her setting is what seems as a grave so she connects death with life.



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